Thread seal cord

Brand : OEM

Product origin : China

Delivery time : by air or ocean

Supply capacity :


Composition: Polyamide thread with inert proprietary paste

Appearance : White color, coated wet cord


Application :

  Use for Gas ,LPG ,Natural gas pipelines ,valve installing. Industrial ,Public and house ‘pipeline system

( cold water ,hot water ,heating ,potable –water) . Industrial production (pump, valve , pipe joints etc)


Production Features

1.High strength , reliability Anti-loosen, sealing security

2.High Temperature resistance ,High Pressure resistance

3.Easy to Assemble & disassemble




1. Thread must be cleaned by brush , then wind onto the thread following the direct of the thread

2. Turns: Refer to the form , if it’s used to the plastic pipe ,30% of the turns added will be recommended regardless the space of the thread  Cut the string direct by the edge of the packing

3. It’s very useful when adjust loosen or tighten disassemble and wind up

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