How to use ptfe tape

How to use ptfe tape

Teflon tape is a great way to ensure that you get a water tight seal on pipe joints. When used correctly, Teflon tape can help ensure that threaded connections come together smoothly as well as preventing leaks. To help get the most out of your Teflon tape application you need to make sure you are using it correctly.

1.        Start by cleaning the male threads at the end of the pipeteflon tape with a clean rag.

2.        Place the end of the Teflon tape on the second thread in and hold it in place with one hand.

3.        Wrap the tape in the same direction of the threads.

4.        Keep tension on the tape and wrap it several times working away from the end of the pipe.

5.    When you have finished wrapping the Teflon smooth the loose end down into the threads.

Learning where to use Teflon Tape is just as important as learning how to use it.

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